The Evolution Of Rustic Stone

10 September 2018

   The Evolution of the Rustic Stone    The Rustic Stone by Dylan McGrath   Post by Edwina Elizabeth O'Connor from for Rustic Stone   Did you know that the meaning of the proverb 'a rolling stone gathers no moss' has a much different meaning in Japan than it does here in the west? In western society, referring to someone as a 'rolling stone' means the person in question doesn't settle in one place, or one job, and that by doing so they don't "accumulate ...

Valentines Dinner in Dublin

24 January 2018

  Valentines Dinner in Dublin   This year we are offering a 4 course menu for €55 on Valentines evening which we will be accompanied by a complimentary glass of prosecco each.   To book a table for Valentines, please call 01-7079596   We look forward to helping you celebrate your love in Rustic Stone.   Click here to View our Valentines Menu for €55 »  

Dining out in Dublin and our changing eating habits

23 August 2017

eating habits rustic stone restaurant dublin
Eating Habits - Dining Out in Dublin with 'Free From' Friends  Post by Edwina Elizabeth O'Connor from for Rustic Stone I was originally going to title this post as 'Dining Out in Dublin and Our Changing Diets' but felt the word diet could be construed from the definition I'm writing about. To diet is to essentially, restrict oneself. I'm not talking about that definition. I'm talking about the kind of food people are eating. People's diets, in other words our eating habits and the kinds of food we eat. Ireland's ...

Dublin city Events

22 August 2017

Dublin city Events
Dublin City Events   When you have some free time, there is always a hive of Dublin city events to keep you occupied. There are so many beutiful theatres, museums, attractions and events in the centre to choose from. We have decided to select a few of our favourite Dublin city events to inform you about, also, if you are attending one of these shows, dine with us on the day and show your ticket for a complimentary glass of prosecco. For more details on other Dublin city Events you can visit some of these websites: Our ...

Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

26 July 2017

Rustic Stone by Dylan McGrath - One of the top healthy restaurants in Dublin The struggle is real. Trying to find healthy restaurants in Dublin while you still want to have a cheat night. So it hits the weekend and you are not only thinking "Summer is Coming" because its already here. After the panic sets in that your holiday is in a few weeks, you can rest assured that Rustic Stone will be the ideal choice for your predicament of trying to find healthy restaurants in Dublin.  Find out below how to win a 6 month membership with our friends in Flyefit gyms Dublin #HealthyEating "Rustic ...

Out with the Old, In with the New - Healthy Eating, Dining Out

23 January 2017

Healthy Eating Dining Out Rustic Stone Dublin
Out with the Old, In with the New - Healthy Eating, Dining Out Out with the old, in with the new! It's such an easy ideal to have in your head as the end of the year approaches and the New Year comes into play. It's even easier to muster up the motivation to apply this theory to your diet, especially after the over indulgence of the festive season and the New Years celebrations. Why? Because for most by the time the New Year is upon them, they are literally fed up with indulgent foods, drinks and sweet treats, and in some cases so too are their clothes! I lost count on how many ...

Corporate event spaces by Dylan McGrath

22 June 2016

CORPORATE EVENT SPACES BY DYLAN MCGRATH Planning your next night out? Whether it's a large office party or an intimate gathering, we can accommodate your needs with our group menu options. We offer buyouts of the bar & restaurants in various configurations big or small.   Taste at Rustic is our Japanese & South American influenced restaurant. You don’t have to be a Japanese food lover to enjoy this restaurant, there are several selections of meats available including lamb, duck, pork belly & chicken all cooked over a Robata grill (poached ...

Wine Training

15 April 2016

Wine Training Wine is a major part of the customer’s experience, so wine training for staff is extremely important for us! Meet Thibaud, our group sommelier. He is working along with the culinary team, they pair and suggest wines that will best compliment each particular dish on the menu. Thibaud is also responsible for training all of our staff on delivering the best wine service possible. Take a look at some behind the scenes photos from the wine training for our NEW Wine list. Rustic Stone’s menu is very broad, and we wanted the wine list to match that aspect ...

Customer Spotlight in one of Dublin's Top restaurants - Rustic Stone

11 March 2016

Customer Spotlight in one of Dublin's Top restaurants - Rustic Stone   Take a look at what some of our customers said about Rustic Stone and read few of our favourite  tweets and instagrams from athletes like Conor McGregor or Gary O'Sullivan.   Don’t just take our word for it...our customers tell the best story!      

Patricks Day Parade Dublin 2016

11 March 2016

paddys day dublin 2016
Patricks Day Parade Dublin 2016 This time of year has always been a celebrated time, not only in Ireland but also around the world. Landmarks from all over the world are lit up in green, rivers are dyed green through some of the major cities in the world and parades celebrating everything Irish march through towns around the globe. What started off as a festival to honour a saint, has now evolved into a worldwide celebration of everything Irish. What a time it is to be in the Dublin streets enjoying the live music and entertainment throughout the city. There is amazing food and ...

Wagyu beef in Taste At Rustic

10 March 2016

Suppliers – Taste at Rustic Our suppliers are an integral part of what we ultimately create on the plate. The ingredients use in Taste at Rustic are like no other restaurant in Ireland. Our hand selected Wagyu Beef is sourced from  a small producer in Japan through our Irish meat supplier, Maurice Kettyle. This wagyu beef comes from a verified cattle, treated with high welfare.     Japanese Wagyu Beef  (Article by Xanthe Clay, The Telegraph). Japanese Wagyu Beef Raw, this looks completely different from the other steaks: pale, and ...

Diageo World Class Cocktail Experience

25 February 2016

World Class Cocktail Experience at Rustic Stone, Dublin
Diageo World Class Cocktail Experience

Dylan's development kitchen

15 April 2015

Rustic Stone-8
It’s early in the afternoon as I climb the stairs to Dylan McGrath’s development kitchen atop his ever busy restaurant Rustic Stone. I knock tentatively at the door before entering and am greeted by Dylan and three colleagues. They’re all dressed the same- in stark chef’s whites and all wielding a knife or spoon. The first thing I notice is the light and brightness of the room. Exposed brick, solid wooden support beams and what I can only imagine to be the most modern kitchen appliances make up this new playroom for the chefs. Careful not to interrupt their creative ...

The rise and fall of Gin: Part II

11 March 2015

gin shop
Part II Unprecedented consumption Within 50 years of its introduction to England, London was home to over 7,000 gin shops, in a city with less than half the population of modern Dublin, where there are less than 1,000 pubs today. It’s estimated that in the 1730s, 10million gallons of gin were being distilled annually in London alone. Less than a century since its introduction into English society gin, consumption had reached epidemic proportions. Some estimates conclude that the average Londoner drank more than 14 gallons of gin a year! Parliament was slow to act to calm the beast that ...

The rise and fall of Gin: Part I

03 March 2015

gin 1
Gin is arguably the most divisive tipple. For some it’s the drink they associate with older ladies who lunch, for others it’s drank with caution, assumed to bring out the melancholy that they’re normally able to conceal, and yet for others it’s their favourite spirit to sip. Unlike popular spirits such as vodka or whiskey, gin cannot trace its history to antiquity; indeed its origins are quite hazy. Created by a Chemist There are moments of clarity in the fog of gin history which help us pinpoint the Genesis of gin to the modern Netherlands in the early 17th century. It is first referenced ...