Dine in Dublin, a new tradition

24 February 2015

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A walk down most streets in Dublin city centre is all it takes to see that this is a town full of food lovers. From family-run, neighbourhood cafes to Michelin starred restaurants, variety is the beating heart of the Dublin food scene. While restaurants necessarily compete for business, in Dublin, they also come together as a community to promote their passion for food- something everyone agrees with. In an effort to introduce visitors and locals alike to new dining experiences, the good folks at Dublin City BID brought us Dine in Dublin, a week-long celebration of Dublin restaurants. ...

The spirit of BarRustic

23 February 2015

BarRustic is Dublin’s newest cocktail lounge. Situated above the ever popular Rustic Stone restaurant, it’s a unique cocktail bar that combines a passion for hand crafted drinks with a curiosity and experimental nature on flavour. They’ve got a team of dedicated bartenders, a core group of barmen who have been working together for years (as well as a couple of newcomers that are real assets) to shake up the signature drinks Rustic Stone fans have grown to love. And while customers see the final product sitting back in a relaxed lounge with a fresh drink in hand, the ...

The new Rustic Cellar

13 February 2015

Rustic Stone is one of Dublin’s most well-loved restaurants. It’s distinctively different, designing a menu that takes more than flavour into account, but paying heed to nutrition as well. After four years, Rustic Stone is making some subtle changes, which can only make us wonder what’s in store for the George’s Street eatery. Dylan McGrath talks of recent updates to Rustic Stone’s wine list, the personal touch he added and gracefully deflects curiosities about his new projects. After four years, Rustic Stone’s wine list has suddenly seen some big ...

Rustic Resolutions

09 January 2015

The first week in January is like a breath of fresh air. Sure, we’ve all enjoyed the parties and nights out with friends and colleagues, the flowing drinks and savoury meals. But it’s hard to deny that when January rolls around, we’re ready for a bit of a break. Many ascribe to a tough list of resolutions, but whether you’re getting strict with yourself or not, there’s no doubt that in January, we all start to look after ourselves a little bit better. Seemingly the most common goal centres on health and fitness. We tighten up on our diets and painstakingly hit the gym before work, ...

A harsh reality

17 December 2014

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be invisible? Currently in Dublin and throughout the country there are hundreds of homeless struggling to survive. As the nights grow longer and colder, it’s becoming more difficult for them to carry on despite the ongoing efforts of charities like Focus Ireland and the Simon Community. It’s easy to overlook these people. It’s easy to make snap judgements and assumptions, something unfortunately we’re all guilty of. It’s easy to walk by without even sparing a glance. It’s easy for us to make other human ...

Just in time for the holidays

03 December 2014

Georges ST Christmas
Each year we repeat to ourselves, “Is it Christmas already?” And each year we’re no less surprised when the lights go up around the city and an evergreen tree appears outside our front door. We’ve got the perfect location in the city to sit back and watch Christmas unfold. Every year it seems that the holidays arrive overnight, and from George’s street we can watch the holiday spirit take hold of all the passers by. As in the past, we’re revelling at the decorations, debating an appropriate date to put ours out, and anticipating the arrival of our new seasonal dishes. Preparations ...

Rustic Stone from start to finish

21 November 2014

The last few months have brought seemingly endless changes to Rustic Stone. While some of them got us excited immediately, others ushered in only headaches. From humble beginnings to ambitious new projects, Dylan and his team have great plans the building and its evolution in Dublin. Hear what Dylan has to say about Rustic Stone, where it started and where it’s going next year. In the beginning Rustic Stone opened in a very different Dublin. No one understood the effects of the recession better than Dylan, and he was determined to do something completely new in a city that needed ...

Mainstream nutrition

20 October 2014

Erika Doolan 1/4/2014
Erika Doolan is one of Ireland’s leading nutritionists. From years of consultancy, to working on cookbooks and collaborating with Rustic Stone and other restaurants, she’s done it all. Erika has had a lifelong passion for nutrition and healthy eating, stemming from health issues and dietary requirements of her own. You may or may not recognise her name from Rustic Stone, but Erika has been a part of the team from the very beginning. She worked alongside Dylan creating the menu, overseeing its nutritional aspect. Healthy eating is something everyone struggles with, and Erika ...

4 Years of Rustic Stone

05 September 2014

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Another year has passed and we’re taking a break for a well-deserved moment to celebrate. It’s hard to believe that Rustic Stone opened its doors for the first time four years ago. In four years, we’ve evolved from the ‘new kids on the block’ to one of Dublin’s most well-loved restaurants, and now we’re looking to grow and evolve even more. It’s been a journey, to say the least. Four years ago, Ireland was in the height of the recession. Despite personal experience with the severity the recession could bring to a restaurant, Dylan was determined ...

A day in the life

21 August 2014

Walk the walk It all started off with a bit of curiosity – my curiosity leading me to utter “I wonder what it’s really like in there,” a bit too close to the kitchen. Our always obliging head chef Bernard turned to me and chuckled an invitation- to work a day in his kitchen and find out what it means to belong to the team of one of the busiest restaurants in Dublin. Without a moment’s hesitation I accept, and before I know it I’ve scheduled a date to work side by side him on the pass. Equipped with only the vaguest idea of how to hold a knife, I opt ...

Belonging in Dublin's Creative Quarter

15 July 2014

As the summer unfolds around us, Ireland’s re-emergence is in full swing, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the capital city. It’s safe to say Dublin is buzzing once more. Yes, Dubliners are out to play, but they’re also hard at work bringing our beloved city back to life. There’s more innovation going on than ever before, and with that comes a sense of community that is unique and characteristic of the Irish, but with a whole lot of other stuff mixed in. In the heart of the city centre, the Creative Quarter is the epicentre of it all. The Neighbourhood The Creative Quarter, ...

Always Rustic, Sometimes RAW

19 May 2014

A unique concept, dreamed up by Dylan and Erika Doolan of Nutrition Ireland
What We Do At Rustic Stone, we approach the dining experience a bit differently. The reality is, eating out isn’t always about indulgence; often, you want to make choices that fit in to the lifestyle you’re striving to maintain, and that means choosing healthier dishes when you’re in a restaurant. We understand that, and we agree. The Rustic Stone the philosophy is simple: the food we serve should be fresh, it should be full of flavour, and it should be nutritious. We believe in selecting the finest produce, meat, and fish, and cooking with them in a way that highlights ...

Good Friday Got You Down?

17 April 2014

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Set foot inside of any grocery store in Ireland the Thursday before Good Friday and you’re in for a bit of entertainment. There’s a sense of urgency, a rush to the alcohol aisle to stock up on more drink than anyone could possibly carry unassisted. Don’t lie. We know you’ve participated. We most definitely have. It happens every year, the mad dash to stock up on drink, and every year we convince ourselves we really do need that extra bottle or two, just in case. What to do with the stockpile? Surely this year will be the same as all the rest. But what ...

The Emergence and Development of Restaurants in Dublin

20 March 2014

Picture 6 Grafton St 1982
Since the beginning of time, food has brought people together in unity, whether for a celebratory feast, a family gathering, or a gastronomic social event. Food has a way of bringing joy and pleasure to our lives, but it wasn’t until the 18thcentury that the emergence of a food industry began, where people would gather under the same roof to dine in a restaurant. In the beginning, it was a luxury for the wealthy, but as time went on the restaurant industry throughout the world developed, and invited people from all walks of life to enjoy cuisines from all around the world. Plutarch, a ...

Rustic Stone Celebrates Three Exciting Years In Business

08 September 2013

They say time flies when you are having fun and this expression could not better describe the past three years for the team at Rustic Stone! This past week we have been celebrating our third Birthday at our restaurant, and we have been overwhelmed with all the Happy Birthday wishes and fantastic comments we have been receiving, or maybe everyone was just looking for some prosecco and cake! Now, we want to share with you the story behind how Rustic Stone started, and why we believe we are still going strong, three years down the road. A little over three years ago, whispers and speculation ...