Rustic Stone Celebrates Three Exciting Years In Business

08 September 2013

They say time flies when you are having fun and this expression could not better describe the past three years for the team at Rustic Stone! This past week we have been celebrating our third Birthday at our restaurant, and we have been overwhelmed with all the Happy Birthday wishes and fantastic comments we have been receiving, or maybe everyone was just looking for some prosecco and cake! Now, we want to share with you the story behind how Rustic Stone started, and why we believe we are still going strong, three years down the road.

A little over three years ago, whispers and speculation grew between Dublin’s diners and discerning foodies throughout the country, as the once known Soho restaurant on George’s Street began a transformation. The story behind Rustic Stone and the road to opening it is one of great determination, talent, drive and above all, team work. Dylan McGrath had closed the doors to his Michelin Starred restaurant MINT, two years previously, but his creativity and vision never died. At the time he shared a home with his friend and colleague, nutritionist Erika Doolan (Nutrition Ireland).

As a chef, Dylan is passionate about flavour and taste and while living with Erika he never understood her bland choice of ‘nutritious’ food, but by his own admission he was yet to understand the balance between flavour and nutrition. Witnessing Erika run out the door to work one day, holding a plain, unseasoned fish wrapped in tissue, Dylan decided it was time to explore her reasoning. As it turned out, Erika’s wealth of nutritional knowledge and Dylan’s undeniable talent for cooking proved to be a match made in heaven and they began the journey to creating a menu like no other.

Ireland was in the depths of recession but Dylan’s determination to open a restaurant in Dublin was growing by the minute. A close friend and fellow chef Bernard McGuane (now Group Executive Chef) put Dylan in touch with a restaurant developer and he sold the concept of Rustic Stone with ease. Over the next number of months they worked hard on making this concept a reality.

In August 2010, Dylan and his new business partner invited 40 close friends and family to the opening of Rustic Stone and a success story was born! Dylan cooked in the kitchen with the help of his team, while Erika continued to work on the nutritional elements of the menu.

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As soon as the doors to Rustic Stone opened three years ago we instantly became famous for our flavoursome and healthy dishes, the novelty of customers cooking their own steak on the stone and, not using any butter or cream throughout our menu, while still achieving amazing flavour in our dishes! Our nutritionist Erika uniquely introduced allergen symbols from day one on our menu so we could guide our customers in making the best dining choice for their individual needs. At Rustic Stone, our team are immensely proud to have successfully introduced a healthy, balanced menu that consists of ‘real food’ and above all, offers choice. If you wish to indulge yourself or your partner, friends or family like to spoil their pallet, that is most certainly possible, but the beauty of Rustic Stone is that our allergen symbols teach people that there are tasty, healthy options, therefore we promote a better lifestyle and wellbeing. Speaking of the past three years at Rustic Stone, our nutritionist Erika says “During my past three years working with Dylan on the concept of Rustic Stone I have learned more about the importance of flavour. Previously I was only concerned about what I put into my body, now I know it can be fun and tasty at he same time”.  

dylan and erika

Nowadays Dylan continually strives to come up with new and exciting ways to marry nutrition and taste by researching the latest global trends and always staying one step ahead! Dylan has a trusted team in place and continues to work on developing further projects such as Rustic Stone’s sister restaurant Fade Street Social. During the first year of Rustic Stone, Dylan also became involved with Masterchef Ireland which has created the ultimate buzz in the restaurant over the past few years and more importantly it has inspired the youth of Ireland to become involved with food.MC fans MC fans MC fans

We have been extremely lucky to have achieved so much success in the past three years including amazing awards and reviews. We’ve even managed to get recognised abroad in The New York Times which wrote that we ‘champion epicurean standards in flavour and presentation’! We have also had the privilege of welcoming the world’s stars to Rustic Stone throughout our short life, including Lionel Richie, Bono, Michael Fassbender, Jim Sheridan, Glen Campbell, Judge Judy, Rhys Ifans, Saoirse Ronan, Robert Sheehan and Johnny Vegas! So, we must be doing something right, eh?!

The past three years in Rustic Stone have been an absolute blast and it’s all down to phenomenal support, amazing customers and our very valued staff. 1,500 people pass through our doors on a weekly basis and making each customer leave with a smile on their face is always our ultimate goal. We will endeavour to continue our success for many years to come and promise to keep pushing the boundaries with our menu, producing the best quality and most deliciously unique food possible, while keeping our customers healthy and happy. Here’s to the next three years and more!

Thank you all.

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