Always Rustic, Sometimes RAW

19 May 2014

What We Do

At Rustic Stone, we approach the dining experience a bit differently. The reality is, eating out isn’t always about indulgence; often, you want to make choices that fit in to the lifestyle you’re striving to maintain, and that means choosing healthier dishes when you’re in a restaurant. We understand that, and we agree. A unique concept, dreamed up by Dylan and Erika Doolan of Nutrition IrelandThe Rustic Stone the philosophy is simple: the food we serve should be fresh, it should be full of flavour, and it should be nutritious. We believe in selecting the finest produce, meat, and fish, and cooking with them in a way that highlights their natural flavours, never masking them. The ingredients should be combined in a way that compliments their nutritional values as much as their flavours. Most importantly, we believe you should be well informed about what’s on our menu so that you can make decisions based on your unique needs.

Out of this ethos was born the RAW lunch menu. It’s a unique concept, dreamed up by Dylan and Erika Doolan of Nutrition Ireland that offers all the elements we believe in- flavour, nutrition and affordability.

Salad doesn’t cut it for you? Same here.

rustic-stone-RAW-beetrootLets face it, eating out can be challenging when you’re really trying to treat yourself well, even more so if you have any sort of dietary requirements. And there’s also a bit of a stigma around healthy eating. We seem to get trapped in these thought patterns like “The food won’t taste as good,” “The only option available will be a boring salad,” and especially, “I’ll still be hungry after.” We think you deserve a menu that allows you to make health conscious choices without sacrificing the enjoyment of food, and the RAW menu at Rustic Stone does just that.

What is RAW

So what’s RAW all about? It’s pretty simple actually. The chefs apply less heat to the food, so the natural, nutritious flavours of the food shine through. It’s designed to revitalise you and boost your energy. It features foods that have the power to rehydrate and detoxify your body. In fact, all of the ingredients are specially selected for their nutritional value, but they’re combined in a way that highlights their pure, raw flavours.

The Menu

We want you to be completely informed about what you’re ordering, so we’ve put a key at the top of the menu that that looks like this:
Rustic RAW menu icons

With us, it’s easy to make the right choices based on your personal dietary requirements. Well over half of the menu items are gluten free and wheat free, and all of them are made from superfoods. They’re low in saturated fat, made with zero preservatives, and even the desserts are subject to the same healthy guidelines. They all come in small and large sizes, so it’s easy to try a full range of different dishes, and they all come with mixed bean salad and quinoa.

rustic-stone-RAW-food-01Most importantly, the flavour is outstanding. Plates from the RAW menu are light, succulent and perfect for sharing. But just because they’re light, doesn’t mean they will leave you feeling hungry after. Our RAW dishes are packed with protein and fibre, which helps keep you feeling full for longer. You’ll leave completely satisfied, but without the fear of going into an afternoon food coma.The RAW menu is available 7 days a week at lunch time. It’s the perfect option when you’re looking for something healthy and affordable, but still want a bit of excitement from your meal. Give it a try, come in for your RAW lunch today.

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