Just in time for the holidays

03 December 2014

Each year we repeat to ourselves, “Is it Christmas already?” And each year we’re no less surprised when the lights go up around the city and an evergreen tree appears outside our front door. Georges ST Christmas

We’ve got the perfect location in the city to sit back and watch Christmas unfold. Every year it seems that the holidays arrive overnight, and from George’s street we can watch the holiday spirit take hold of all the passers by.

DSC_0197As in the past, we’re revelling at the decorations, debating an appropriate date to put ours out, and anticipating the arrival of our new seasonal dishes.

Preparations are under way for an exciting Christmas in Rustic Stone, and with the recent end to months of construction, as well as the unveiling of our new bar, we’ve got more than a few things to celebrate this year.

Rustic Stone is a showcase of flavour. From the classic dishes that have become our signature to the specials that only come around once a year, or menu is designed to show off the food’s natural flavours in their purest form.

This week, you’ll see the return of our winter Jerusalem artichoke soup, our loin of venison on the stone, and the staff favourite Rustic mash potatoes. For us, the holidays really arrive when these new dishes do.

DSC_1887We’re all about the food, but this year the drinks are getting equal attention. After months of extensive construction that saw our dining room looking different, for lack of a better word, the partitions have come down and we’ve revealed the new face of Rustic Stone.DSC_1856-Edit

Upstairs, our bar is the perfect representation of Rustic Stone’s evolution. Our bartenders have been hard at work, creating ten new Rustic signature cocktails that are sure to impress you this Christmas.

This year, you can join us for all your celebrations, whether it’s a work night out, an intimate meal with family or a drink in our new bar with friends.

DSC_1575-EditAs we enter the holiday season, we’re excited to be a part of all your celebrations. Only a few weeks in advance, Happy Christmas from all of us at Rustic Stone.

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