Rustic Resolutions

09 January 2015

The first week in January is like a breath of fresh air. Sure, we’ve all enjoyed the parties and nights out with friends and colleagues, the flowing drinks and savoury meals. But it’s hard to deny that when January rolls around, we’re ready for a bit of a break.

Many ascribe to a tough list of resolutions, but whether you’re getting strict with yourself or not, there’s no doubt that in January, we all start to look after ourselves a little bit better.

exerciseSeemingly the most common goal centres on health and fitness. We tighten up on our diets and painstakingly hit the gym before work, but after a few weeks, does it all seem to fall apart? Maybe that’s a stereotype, and surely many of the resolution setters keep focus on their goals, but for the majority of us, how long do these resolutions last? And if we do eventually throw in the towel, what makes our resolutions fall apart?

What seems to happen is that after a few weeks of designated sobriety and green ingestion, we all just settle back into our normal routine– a routine that includes a lot less leafy greens and a lot more going out. south william st

Getting back to normal means we don’t think as much about every little thing we put into our bodies, and it means excusing some of the bad choices we make because we’re on a night out.

That’s where we see things a bit differently.

DSC_7503-EditFor us, going out doesn’t have to be a diet usurping, stressed out about what you’re allowed to order affair. In fact, the cornerstone of the Rustic philosophy is to keep things simple, to draw out the most natural flavours of the food and to do it with the least amount of processing possible.

We don’t mix sauces or cover foods in oil and butter. In fact, as often as possible we use food to season our food, working with raw herbs and spices to create really tasty dishes. We’ve designed a menu to fit into your lifestyle, not counteract all the good you do for yourself each day.



At Rustic Stone, we think dining out should be an experience that adds a little something extra to your day to day routine. Yes, we can be indulgent, but we’re also pretty health conscious, just like you.

If you haven’t tried some of the greener dishes on our menu, don’t you think now is the perfect time?

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