Out with the Old, In with the New - Healthy Eating, Dining Out

23 January 2017

Out with the Old, In with the New - Healthy Eating, Dining Out

Out with the old, in with the new! It's such an easy ideal to have in your head as the end of the year approaches and the New Year comes into play. It's even easier to muster up the motivation to apply this theory to your diet, especially after the over indulgence of the festive season and the New Years celebrations. Why? Because for most by the time the New Year is upon them, they are literally fed up with indulgent foods, drinks and sweet treats, and in some cases so too are their clothes! I lost count on how many social media updates I witnessed reporting the sudden tightness of jeans or the sudden trend of leaving the top trouser button open for comfort!

Healthy Eating Dining Out Rustic Stone Dublin

There is no doubt in my mind that when focused, we are all capable of fantastic things - even keeping to those typical new years resolutions to eat healthier and be more active. When it comes to food and eating healthy, planning and a little bit of research can be the difference between a false start and passing the finish line. Essentially it's the key.

Eating healthily at home should be quite easy. There are so many T.V. shows, websites, blogs and social media pages offering free advice on the do's and don't of a healthy eating plan - what groceries to buy, what to cook, how to cook it and how to prepare for your meals and dishes for the week ahead. Healthy eating does not have to mean 'rabbit food', 'diet food' but can mean tasty, fresh and nutritious food. Once this advice is heeded and your new routine is set in place, you should be on to a winner. 

But what happens when you want to dine out? Of course it's easy to dine out but dining out healthily can sometimes prove a bit of an obstacle, if you don't plan! Remember planning is the key! Firstly there's your dining partner or partners to contend with, as you have to take into account that just because you're on a clean eating mission doesn't mean they are. Then comes the temptation to break your healthy eating routine just for the sake of a hassle free evening. Finally there's the 'here will do/this will do' attitude, when you settle to dine somewhere you'd rather not and order something you know you probably shouldn't. 

Don't get me wrong, life is for living and to live you need to eat and one of the best pleasures in life is to be able to dine, and to dine well! As George Bernard Shaw put it “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” However with the right knowledge you don't need to be the one dining on a tasteless salad just to stick to your 'plan' nor do you need to munch into a greasy plate of gruel just keep the peace.

Healthy food can be delicious, nutritious, refreshing, and mouth wateringly moreish. Dining out can be an experience that is yearned for rather than dreaded even if you're sticking to a healthy food focused diet. Rustic Stone knows this and offers its customers some of the healthiest, tastiest dishes out there. What's more Rustic Stone not only tells you what is in each dish but also categorises your meal for you, so you don't have to and so your dining out experience is so much more pleasurable. 

LF Low Saturated Fat | WF Wheat Free | GF Gluten Free | DF Dairy Free | V Vegetarian | S Super Food | SF Sugar Free | CN Contains Nuts

Take for example the "Chilled Marinated Prawn with Avocado and Cucumber" dish from the Rustic Raw Lunch Menu. Choose a small dish for a starter or a large dish for a main course. Made with "slices of fresh prawns marinated in orange with cucumber, green grapes, avocado, ginger and soya toffee". The menu also tells you that this dish is 
"Rich in immunity-boosting nutrients and zinc" and that it's low in saturated fat and contains super foods. 

Prawn with avocado Rustic Stone Dublin

Or how about the "Halibut with Walnut Relish" from the On the Stone Dinner Menu? Cooked on the stone this meal is full of flavour and rich in omega-3, "real brain food". It's also low in saturated far, wheat free, gluten-free and dairy free!

But what would dining out be without something sweet! Careful not to blow your healthy plan, Rustic Stone even has that covered. My eyes widen to the "Warm Dark Chocolate with Grapefruit Segments, Pecans and Yoghurt" option from the Dessert Menu. "Dark chocolate is the lowest in fat and for those that care we’ve joined the flavour together with grapefruit and pecans. Dark chocolate every now and again is extremely good for you! It is packed with anti-oxidants." You don't have to tell me twice! As well as being packed with anti-oxidants this dish is also low in saturated fats, vegetarian and contains a super food! What's not to love!

Healthy Eating, Dining Out is easy when you know where to dine! 

Written by our guest blogger – Edwina from www.thelifeofstuff.com
Edwina is the Founder of The Life of Stuff and a Freelance Writer. The Life of Stuff is an Irish pop culture, travel and lifestyle blog that was established in 2012.

Healthy Eating, Dining Out is easy when you know where to dine! 

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