Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

26 July 2017

Rustic Stone by Dylan McGrath - One of the top healthy restaurants in Dublin

The struggle is real. Trying to find healthy restaurants in Dublin while you still want to have a cheat night.

So it hits the weekend and you are not only thinking "Summer is Coming" because its already here. After the panic sets in that your holiday is in a few weeks, you can rest assured that Rustic Stone will be the ideal choice for your predicament of trying to find healthy restaurants in Dublin. 

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"Rustic Stone’s philosophy is simple: tasty, nutritious, innovative cuisine that is accessible to all. Simple and scientific techniques are used to release the maximum flavour. Rustic Stone only uses the best of local produce, sourcing our ingredients from local producers, The produce I've chosen and our demand for freshness, is the cornerstone of our Rustic idea, while providing a healthy but affordable eating approach". - Dylan McGrath

The Rustic Stone has plenty of healthy options on its menu so that eating out does not have to be a cheat night. All of our menus have a key at the top which will help steer you in the right direction of the healthier choices. You could start with our sweet baby skinless chilli peppers stuffed with tartare of tuna, avocado and scented with the freshest soft herbs or perhaps our cubes of melon, poached in pickled ginger syrup with torn basil, sliced radish and cucumber.

For mains, why not tuck into our Tuna Fillet topped with a miso and seasame seed crust, a drizzle of langoustine oil & apple watercress salad pictured below

Or perhaps our Outrageous Orange salad with wild rocket, shaved fennel, baby spinach, orange segments, pickled carrot, cucumber sheets and caramel pecans bound in a roasted coriander seed and orange dressing and fresh coriander leaves. Its high vitamin C content. Pictured Below.


But you dont have to take our word for it, some of the biggest names in sport have eaten with us like... 


healthy restaurants in dublin


Even some of the most known names in health and nutrition have seen we are ideal when looking for healthy restaurants in Dublin.

Rozanna Purcell:
-Favourite restaurant?
"Rustic Stone. I love the menu, it's got such a great mix of all my favourite foods. The menu is original, there's nowhere else in Dublin with something similar. I would recommend their tuna steak and polenta chips. Mmmm!"
Jonny Bruton:
Top 6 healthy restaurants in Dublin 
Rosanna Davison:
How do you relax when you are not in the public eye?
"I meditate, hang out with friends and family, go to the cinema. There are nice restaurants which do good vegan options in Dublin – Yamamori Noodles, the Rustic Stone, Blazing Salads, Cornucopia, Avoca and I like a more local restaurant called Rasam which does Indian food."
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