In pickled ginger syrup, with torn basil, sliced radish and cucumber. Freshness stacked together and sprinkled with a little sesame powder


The city’s favourite, the oul chicken wing. Here I’ve done ‘em in some sticky soya and crushed roasted sesame seeds with fresh grated lime zest, garlic chips, red sprouts and coriander.


Salt cured cod crushed with onion potato parsley fried in rice bran oil with sweet onion, low fat crème fraiche and shaved ham



Meat on the stone to Share for 2

Pieces of different cuts of Irish beef rendered as you like on the stone with a different topping to suit each cut. Served with pesto chips or choice of small salad.

Beef Rolls on the Stone

Beef rolls with green beans, mustard, rocket, tomato and tarragon served with a small mustard salad.

Tuna on the Stone

Tuna fillet topped with miso and sesame seed crust with a drizzle of langoustine oil and apple watercress salad. Served with a small luscious lime salad.

Penne Pesto

Chunky basil pesto with marinated tomatoes, roughly chopped great black olives, pine nuts and parmesan. Served with a small pesto salad.

Baby Macaroni

Cooked in garlic cream with flaked chicken wing meat, parma ham and parsley breadcrumbs and little grape mustard on crutes.

Luscious Lime Salad

Floppy lettuce, baby gem leaves, watercress, torn iceberg, cucumber, pickled ginger, shaved mouli, slices of mango, coriander and watermelon dressed in lime roasted coconut, dill seed and lime.